Empower Yourself With Self-Defense Techniques

Sexual assault on women has become very common.  It is imperative for every woman to have a basic knowledge of self-defense.

The self-defense training and instruction begins with classroom discussion covering risk awareness, risk reduction, risk recognition, and risk avoidance and then moves to hands-on exercises introducing common scenarios.  Training and instructions are typically several hours long with an optional hour of padded suit attacker scenarios.

Our Wide Range of Self-Defense Techniques

  • Defensive stance
  • Blocking
  • Striking
  • Kicking
  • Breaking wrist grabs
  • Ground defense

Protect Yourself From Danger

Equip yourself with the right self-defense techniques to defend yourself from bear-hug attacks, choking attacks, and being taken to the ground.  Rest assured our instructors are highly skilled, educated, insured, and have taught over 3,000 women.


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