Women's Self-Defense


Empower Yourself With Self-Defense Techniques

Sexual assault on women has become very common and, more often than not, offenders manage to give you the slip. It has become imperative for every woman to have a basic knowledge of self-defense.

Based on the Rape Aggression Defense System founded by Lawrence N Nadeau, the course at Control Tactics Consulting covers risk awareness, risk reduction, risk recognition, and risk avoidance. We will conduct the class for 4 to 5 hours, which includes 4 hours of instruction with an optional hour of padded suit attacker scenarios.  
women self-defense

Our Wide Range of Self-Defense Techniques

  • Defensive stance
  • Blocking
  • Striking
  • Kicking
  • Breaking wrist grabs
  • Ground defense
self-defense training

Protect Yourself From Danger

Equip yourself with the right self-defense techniques to defend yourself from bear-hug attacks, choking attacks, and being taken to the ground. You will be pleased to know that our owner was a certified instructor for 5 years in the RAD and has taught over 2,000 women.

Ask about the DISCOUNTS that we offer to military, law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel.
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"I absolutely enjoyed the training I received today in learning how to defend myself as a woman! I have experienced this training twice before, but it has been a while back and my living situation has drastically changed. I especially liked putting it into practice at the end with the Redman! This is something I've not experienced before and I feel much more confident if I were ever in a situation where I would need to use it! Thank you so much for the valuable tools you taught me today!"

 Kathy Kelley
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