“Outstanding class! Clear instruction in uncomplicated techniques to fend off an attacker. Practical and empowering.” – Melissa M.

“The instructors were absolutely PHENOMENAL. I gained so much knowledge about protecting myself in a bad situation. The classroom environment was laid back and I felt super comfortable asking questions. In my opinion, all women should take this class! Thank you, Nate, for creating this class and teaching me how to protect myself!” – Brittney P., R.N.

“I absolutely enjoyed the training I received today in learning how to defend myself as a woman! I have experienced this training twice before, but it has been a while back and my living situation has drastically changed. I especially liked putting it into practice at the end with the Red Man! This is something I’ve not experienced before and I feel much more confident if I were ever in a situation where I would need to use it! Thank you so much for the valuable tools you taught me today!” – Kathy K.

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“My wife and I took the Combative Tactics class and it was Awesome! Full of great information with hands-on practice and applications of techniques. Classran at a good steady pace and the length of time was perfect. Nate and his staff are great instructors with the desire and patience to help you learn. We would recommend this class to anyone of any skill level. Lots of fun and empowering!” – Nathan M.

“I highly recommend this class for all. I learned the knowledge and the tools I need in case a situation occurs.” – Sandy E.

“Nathan did an excellent job teaching the course I took with my high school exchange student! He’s very good at explaining everything and giving time to practice, and very gracious if you slip off the pads and accidentally hit him. He answered questions well and spoke both as an instructor, with police experience / knowledge, and as a family member or spouse, who would encourage you to be both confident and aware in all situations.” – Christina J.

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“Wow! Nate, Corey, and Cody were excellent! We learned a lot today and we had a lot of fun along the way. Thanks for a wonderful experience!” – Susan S.

“I attended the self defense for women class on Sat 4/22/17. Nathan was my instructor with Karen as his assistant. I enjoyed the class very much and learned some extremely valuable tactics. It began with general classroom style discussing how to be aware of your surroundings (and included some scenarios I had not thought of), then moved to demonstrations, and ended with the opportunity to engage in actual scenarios. I feel some much better having taken Nate’s class. I highly recommend it if you’re a beginner, and even consider an regular refresher class!! You will learn something new each time!” – Janet S.

“thank you so much for coming to teach us! I now feel much more confident in my decision to go to college in a city setting. I hope that I’ll never have to apply any of the techniques taught, but I now know what to do if I do run into a situation as such. thank you guys so much, the program was super beneficial and I learned a lot.” – Emma S.

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“The instructors were awesome to work with. We did this course with female high school students and they were very informative. The girls were eager to try their new skills on Cody. This was a great experience and class all around. I would HIGHLY recommend this to girls and women of ALL ages!” – Jenny D.