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Face Threats Confidently With Our 
Personal Self-defense Tactics

Have you ever been molested or attacked in public or know someone who has? In the real world, when faced with such common street attacks, we may alternate between the defensive and the combative mind-sets.

In this 4-hour course, the instructors at Control Tactics Consulting cover the principles and concepts of your mind-set – attacking in offense and attacking in defense. This course teaches personal self-defense to both men and women who are over the age of 16. Our training sessions can be imparted within a day.
self-defense training

Our Wide Range of Personal Self-defense Techniques

  • Striking with hands
  • Elbows
  • Kicks
  • Limiting the attack with 3 different options
We offer military, law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel DISCOUNTS.
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Personal Self-defense 
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"My wife and I took the Combative Tactics class and it was Awesome! Full of great information with hands-on practice and applications of techniques. Class ran at a good steady pace and the length of time was perfect. Nate and his staff are great instructors with the desire and patience to help you learn. We would recommend this class to anyone of any skill level. Lots of fun and empowering!" 

Nathan Moore
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