Behavioral De-Escalation


Safely Defuse Violent Behavior by Learning the Behavioral De-Escalation Techniques 

Did you know that in most situations you can prevent the escalation of disruptive behavior with your own nonverbal behavior? The ability to organize your thinking and calmly respond are effective de-escalation techniques that can help you avoid a potential crisis.

Control Tactics Consulting has designed this program to abide by the guidelines of the Crisis Prevention Institute's Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training program. 

These preventive techniques for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage are perfect for educators, medical staff, and service organizations. Our trained professionals will travel to your home or office to teach these techniques.
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Our Behavioral De-Escalation Techniques Teach You 

  • Preventive techniques
  • Responding appropriately during moments of chaos
  • Practicing a progression of non-harmful holding skills
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"Nathan did an excellent job teaching the course I took with my high school exchange student! He's very good at explaining everything and giving time to practice, and very gracious if you slip off the pads and accidentally hit him. He answered questions well and spoke both as an instructor, with police experience / knowledge, and as a family member or spouse, who would encourage you to be both confident and aware in all situations." 

 Christina Jensen
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