Be Trained. Be Prepared.

The Active Shooter - Active Aggressor Response Training goal is to provide education and training to individuals and organizations by giving them the skills and knowledge they may need to be prepared to respond and react to an active shooter/aggressor situation.  This training is for those 18 years of age and older working or involved in Education, Healthcare, Business, Government or Religious organizations.

The training consists of a combination of classroom discussion, practical application skills building and optional scenario-based training covering:

  • History of events
  • Characteristic of events
  • Individual skills and options available to you if involved in an event to include hiding, escaping and fighting back
  • What to expect and how to react when law enforcement and other first responders arrive

The individual skills section of the training will be further explained and demonstrated by the instructors with students being given opportunities for hands on learning to experiment and practice these skills in a non-stressful environment.

4 Hours That Could Save Your Life

Training typically last 4 or more hours in length depending on class size and facilities with the scenario-based exercises are optional but highly recommended.

John Wilmer, Active Shooter Instructor


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