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About CTC

Control Tactics Consulting was established in 2008. The owner, Nathan Lambright, developed programs with the mission of empowering men, women, and children with self-defense tactics that, hopefully they would never need, but would provide enough confidence to use if necessary. 

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Instructors demonstrate self-defense tactics before working with students.


A trusted team of instructors travel across Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana providing self-defense training, consulting services, and combative tactics to small and large groups of men, women, and children.  All instructors are highly skilled, educated, experienced, and insured, providing you the very best in professional self-defense training.

Nate is an active duty police officer with over 25 years of experience in wrestling, martial arts, and self-defense.

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) Certifications include:

  • Controlled F.O.R.C.E.®
  • Ground Avoidance Ground Escape
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense
  • Active Aggressor Controlled Tactics
  • Crisis Prevention Institute – Nonviolent Crisis Intervention